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We have been working with IVPS for almost 2 years and in that time we have developed a new, modern website. More recently we have helped them to rebrand, giving them a new name and logo, helping to establish them as a leading industrial vacuum pump specialist.

When they first approaches us it was to become a retainer client, allowing them full access to all of our services. They were part of a group of companies, but wanted to distance themselves from the other group members and create a seperate identity. We started by looking at their online presence, and analysis their market share in the vacuum pump market. The website had been created badly, with poor content and SEO, so that was the first priority, followed by updating their social platforms.

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Web Services

The website was built with e-commerce expansion in mind, we also wanted to make it as easy as possible to update. We used our Content Management System approach that works with WordPress Gutenberg.

Website Design

As IVPS was already a client of ours, we were familiar with the company ethos and brand. This meant that when it came to designing the new website we could expand the brand to create a more refined image for them moving forward. The design for the website had to be clean and easy to use, yet informative for industry professionals. We approached the design phase with the idea to create a distinctive style that would lend itself to be used across various online and offline marketing materials.

Phased release development

The client had used Gutenberg on the site we inherited, so we initially phase released the project, adopting their early pages with some improvements. Eventually the scope allowed for a more thorough design/development cycle, we augmented the base blocks with some custom designed blocks to generate a more professional result. We also used our starter theme which is super lightweight and flexible, this enabled us to add the WooCommerce foundation for further development when the time came.

IVPS New Website
IVPS New Website
VPSN Old Website

Digital Services

The work we carry out for IVPS is aimed at reaching industry professionals and providing information about the services they provide. This means that we need a thorough understanding of the business, and who their target market is. We have worked with Andrea at IVPS to to gain insights into the business, what their goals are, and create a plan to help them achieve them.


To gain an understanding of the business and who they offer their services to, we had to carry out extensive research. Looking at their competitors, their current client base and the service they provide we have developed an ongoing SEO plan to improve their organic rankings. They are in quite a niche industry but serve a large number of businesses, so the competition is quite small and not very well represented online. We created content on the website that explained in consise but informative terms exactly what IVPS offer to their clients. Reliability and affordability are important to their customers, as is the expertise their engineers have. The high level of service is key to the marketing we carry out across all platforms. Case studies are added regularly, to show the attention to detail that goes into every job they do.
Our ongoing SEO work includes competitor research, keyword research and keeping up to date on industry news. The website in updated regularly with blogs and news, and new content. We keep their Google Business Profile updated as well, to ensure that they are well optimised on Google search.

Google Rankings

We regularly monitor Google analytics to ensure the work we carry out is achieving the desired results. We also use tracking software that monitors keywords, competitors and audits the technical side of the website to highlight any problems.
Analysing the visitors to the website allows us to see if any pages are underperforming, and adjust them accordingly. It shows us which marketing is working, and what isn’t, so we can improve what we are doing online.

Social Media

Social media is an integral part of the marketing for IVPS, they are active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We create a variety of posts that show their credibility and expertise within the industry, as well as sharing case studies and industry news.
In order to reach the right people we have had to develop an understanding of their target market, and what their pain points are. We also know that the industry is more active on weekdays during the regular working week, so post when they are likely to be active online.
Part of our social media strategy is to interact with other businesses, liking, sharing and commenting on posts that are relevant to the industry.

IVPS Responsive Website

Creative Services

We have worked on different creative projects for IVPS, starting with the company branding to set the look and feel for the future. We have also worked on photography, packaging design, forms, letterhead and leaflets to compliment the updated venture.



When IVPS first started working with us they were part of another company, but were looking to develop their own identity. This meant that a new logo was needed to move them forward as a company and a brand. After some discussions, it was decided that they would keep the current colour palette but the visuals and typography across the brand would be adjusted. We decided to incorporate a fan into the design as it was easily recognisable in their industry, the font we chose then complimented the robust style of the new logo.

Graphic Design

The graphic design work carried out has been heavily inspired by the new website we created for IVPS. As mentioned in the website design section, we wanted to create a distinctive style that would be versatile across different media. This worked well for the IVPS brand across the diverse range of different graphic design projects we have done already, such as the trifold leaflet, product labels, and the social media campaign.

VPSN Photography
VPSN Trifold