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Graphic Design is more than just making something look ‘pretty’ – design can make or break your business’ image, and finding the right designer is no small feat. Creating a strong company image throughout your printed materials and online presence really affects how your customers view your business, and how you present your products and services will influence their desire to buy from you.

We take great care with all the designs we create, to ensure that our clients’ values and aims are understood and successfully conveyed to their target audience.


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Brand Identity

Your brand is more than just a logo, it’s what sets your company apart from your competitors.

Our team are very switched-on with current best practices and what is/isn’t suitable for your business in its target market. We can help with your choice of colours and imagery for your brand and create something remarkable that will give your business the cutting edge to stand out.


We create innovative, eye-catching, and practical packaging designs to help your products stand out.

Whether it’s food or just general packaging our team can help you create packaging suitable for your products requirements and practical needs. Packaging needs to reflect your brand as it’s a key part of your marketing materials – it might be the first thing your customers see on the shelf, so it needs to stand out from the competition!

Even in a digital world, print is still relevant to your customers. We can help strengthen your brand through printed marketing materials.

Whether you need business stationery or printed catalogues our team can work alongside you to create unique and high-end print material to complement your company’s brand. With years of experience working closely with local and national printers we have vast knowledge of different finishes and recommendations to make your printed materials stand out from your competitors.

Create a strong brand awareness with menu designs that are a recipe for success.

A menu does more than just tell your customers what food and drink you offer. It is also a viable tool in marketing to promote your brand and ethos to returning and new customers that walk through your doors.

Menus can serve multiple purposes, not just listing information about your dishes! They can be used to introduce your company’s ethos, through layouts, fonts and colours that compliment your other marketing materials and/or website. They can also be used to introduce your company and your ethos as a business.

The Pumpkin Patch

Website Design & Development, Branding, Hosting

Densholme Farm

Website Design & Development, Branding, Hosting, Photography, Graphic Design

MH Life Balance

Website Design & Development, Branding, Graphic Design

Mr Moos

Website Design & Development, Hosting, Packaging Design, Menu Design, Graphic Design, Photography

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