Case Study

Mr Moo’s Ice-cream

– Website Design & Development
– Hosting
– Packaging Design
– Menu Design
– Graphic Design

“When we first found Holler Marketing our website was looking dated and out of touch – with the design team and their expertise they designed a website that works for our business in informing the public of who we are and what we do. Over the years we have used them more and more, from designing and printing menus to redesigning packaging.”

Harry Foreman, Owner

Mr Moos Case study

Mr Moo’s is an award winning, family run ice-cream business based on the East Yorkshire coast. It all began back in 2003 when Mr Moo’s Real Dairy Ice Cream was established in Skipsea. Sourcing their fresh milk and cream from a nearby farm, Mr Moo’s aim is to create delicious high quality ice-cream to wholesale and the general public.

We started working with Mr Moo’s on their website as it was run down and dated. Working closely with them we have been able to establish the brand further across the site and other design projects. Since then we have given their menus and other marketing materials a new lease of life and are looking forward to new projects in the future.

Mr Moos Vouchers
Mr Moos Menus

Web Services

Mr Moo’s website is now nearly 10 years old, the brief was to maximise visibility of the fun illustrations whilst still presenting all the required information in a readable and mobile-friendly way. The vibrant colours and spacious layout maintains the overall aesthetic whether viewed on desk top or mobile. It also features download sections and a custom built CMS.

mr moo's website
mr moo's website
Mr Moos Old Website
Mr Moos Responsive Design

Creative Services

We have also worked with Mr Moo’s to develop their brand through the creation of new marketing materials that stay on-brand with the new look and feel. All design work must be kept within the brand guidelines, easily recognisable and work either individually or grouped with other artwork.


Graphic Design

We started working on the graphic design once the website design had been signed off. This allowed us to have a stepping stone in the right direction to the overall look and feel of the different designs for printed material moving forward. Mr Moo’s were keen to evolve their brand as it is very recognisable and well known, over the years we have worked on moving the brand of Mr Moo’s forward whilst keeping its playful and friendly look.

Packaging Design

One of the main ongoing projects we have with Mr Moo’s is their packaging design. We helped them work on the design and make changes so that the packaging was more streamlined across the different size of tubs as well as having a strong brand presence. The designs of the tubs and pots had to be consistent and universal, as the individual flavours had their own labels to be added individually.

Menu Design

The menu design for Mr Moo’s is heavily influenced by the website design. The menu was one of the first projects we started once the website design had been signed off. By keeping the design in-line with the website we could solidify a strong brand recognition. Over the years, we have evolved and adapted the menu designs to work seasonally and to move forward with subtle brand alterations (such as a new strapline). Using the menus as inspiration we designed the large menu boards above the counters. We created these by using the basic structure of the menus so that they would be consistent in the café.

Mr Moos Christmas Menu
Mr Moos Christmas Tub Flavours