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My week at Holler Marketing

Written by Orla

Throughout my week at Holler Marketing, I was shown everything they do and given a chance to learn how to do it myself. From helping with photoshoots, to writing blogs, to social media posts. The team were extremely welcoming, they told me everything I needed to know about marketing and filled me in on what they were doing each day. They showed me how to do everything that they focus on and included my opinions when working on a project.

On my first day, I helped with multiple photoshoots. This was useful because it links to my A-level subjects, and I was able to see how everything works behind the scenes.

Tuesday morning, I attended a meeting which included all members of the team, and discovered how they planned out their weekly jobs. I later found ideas for new posts to add to one of their clients’ social media pages to help them sell their products and hopefully get the attention of any newcustomers.

In the morning, on Wednesday, I began gathering notes for a blog to put on one of their clients’ websites. In the afternoon we did more photoshoots and then began working on making the blog page.

By Thursday, the blog page had been made and I wrote the first one before we uploaded it. Towards the end of the day, we continued creating social media posts for the same client.

Bringing my week to an end, I created social media posts for multiple different clients on different platforms.

I really enjoyed my week at Holler as I learnt so much about the marketing industry and the basics of what each job does. I discovered what goes on in the background when making and designing a website. Alongside that, I have developed new skills such as forming a linktree, writing a blog and learning lots of information about shampoo bars.

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