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Coneygarth Lakes & Lodges

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Coneygarth Lakes and Lodges Case Study

Coneygarth Lakes and Lodges is an exclusive holiday home owners park in a beautiful lakeside setting in East Yorkshire.

The management team approached us looking for a new website to promote sales of their holiday homes and lodges – the end result is a website that not only showcases the different types of holiday homes available (with a user-friendly Content Management System so that the staff can keep the website up to date), but which also shows potential buyers how much there is to do on site and in the surrounding area.

Coneygarth Lakes and Lodges Website Desktop
Coneygarth Lakes and Lodges Website Desktop
Coneygarth Old Website

Web Services

Marketing a beautiful location, experience, and high end products all at the same time has the potential to leave customers confused or overwhelmed, Coneygarth needed a site that would inform, attract and inspire their users.

The redesigned site delivered on these objectives by using a clear site map, high quality recent pictures, information carousels and more, all editable by the client directly with our unique and powerful Content Management System.

Website Design

The Coneygarth site was outdated and hard for the company to use, they needed a new website that was easier to navigate and populate in-house. The new website was inspired by marketing materials Coneygarth already had and were using to promote the business. The design approach we took was to highlight the different facilities of the park(s) and to promote the lodge listings whilst looking high-end and approachable. For the new design blocks, we had to take into consideration that the majority of the content was to be updated by Coneygarth themselves through the CMS and had to work with long and short amounts of text without compromising the design.

Website Development

With a key feature of the site being high quality images (taken by our photography team), the frontend code had to be small enough for the site to still load quickly. We only load styles and scripts that are required, unlike page builders like Divi or Elementor. We also figure out what features the page will need before serving the page through our top tier web hosting, so heavy scripts from Google (like the necessary reCAPTCHA v3) are only loaded on pages with contact forms etc. Finally, all our WordPress sites use Litespeed Web Server and Litespeed Caching, so all that hard work is saved and shown instantly to future users.

Coneygarth Responsive Website
Coneygarth Photography
Coneygarth Photography