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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the place where your website lives. It is a computer (server), or a number of computers, that are connected to the internet in a way that lets other computers access certain information.

Much like the computers in your life, servers that host websites can be good or bad, cheap or expensive, fast or slow.

Our web hosting is top tier. Here are some advantages of hosting your website with Holler Marketing:

  • We automatically update the core application and all plugins nightly, last year we had no hacks across our hundreds of hosted sites.
  • We maintained 100% uptime last year. 
  • Any future updates are already tied into our development operations, making theme update requests substantially quicker (therefore cheaper) to deploy. (Content updates will be the same).
  • Our server runs the Litespeed caching engine which makes your site super quick.
  • Any issues with the site track back to one responsible party.
  • We run a full back up every hour to off site storage. 
  • Our server is fine tuned for serving web applications, it is super fast, PCI compliant and hosted in Manchester.