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It’s all about the content…

Lot’s of people have seen changes to their Search Engine Listings recently, so we thought it would be a good idea to clarify what seems to be going on in the big world of Google ….

If you have seen a dip in activity, traffic or positions since you could have been affected by Google’s latest big algorithm change – the Penguin update. If you haven’t yet been affected it doesn’t mean you have been spared! You should ensure your site meets their new criteria.

Google’s updates over the last 12 months have really been designed to prevent people artificially tricking Google’s ranking system. Some may say that this is nothing new but latest updates are much more sophisticated and for the first time Google will be able to identify and target companies that have “over optimised” their web sites.

Although most search engines have always had lots of intelligence about your web site, visitors, bounce rates etc until recently these factors have not really had a great deal of influence on your website’s position.

Content is now Key

SocialMedia and how active you are on quality Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and LinkedIn etc will begin to have a major impact on the positions you achieve on Google. Content for contents sake is now no longer enough; content now needs to be relevant, fresh, informative, varied and interesting enough for people to want to come back. Don’t just think of text either; images, videos and the ability to share on other platforms are now vitally important.

Historically link building was spotted as the key to a high search engine position and many businesses would either buy links from link farms or employ cheap services from India – not anymore. As with your content, the quality and relevance of your links are now more important than the sheer quantity.

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