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Improve your grammar and spelling!

Grammar and Spelling help!

With the increased use of technology, we are in danger of losing our ability to apply correct grammar and spelling to our writing! Autocorrect is so prevalent that we don’t usually have to think about how we write as it’s corrected for us. The art of letter writing has become a thing of the past, we are more likely to send a text or email than to use ‘snail mail’, we live in a world of instant gratification where replies are expected instantly. Who wants to wait for the postman to deliver a letter?

Even with autocorrect, it’s important to think about what you are writing and how you write it. Read it back to yourself to check that it makes sense and has no mistakes. If you’re not sure, ask someone else to check it for you. There are lots of words that slip people up – their, there and they’re being prime examples. Know the different uses and you’re well on the way to improving your writing.


Another option is to download an extension called Grammarly from grammarly.com. This tool flags up mistakes on documents, messages and social media posts to prevent grammar and spelling errors. It helps to ensure your writing is clear, reads well and is mistake free. It is available for Mac and PC, and it auto-updates so you always have the latest version.

Why are grammar and spelling so important?

According to research by Global Lingo, 59% of visitors wouldn’t trust a company that had incorrect spelling and grammar on its website, while 74% were turned off by bad translation. I’m sure you’ve all ended up on a website that has quite obviously been translated from another language and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Some are quite amusing, and have given me a good giggle!

In conclusion, create trust by making sure your text is well written and grammatically correct. If in doubt, call in a professional copywriter.


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