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What sets us apart when building websites

Cheap websites are everywhere. They might be the right choice for you if you’re just dipping your toe into the online world, or have very little budget, but they aren’t futureproof or scalable and could soon become a hindrance rather than a benefit, often costing you more in the long run.

Why are the websites we make different?

Unique design and custom build

We never use templates and always custom build each and every website we create. Firstly we get to know you and your business, what its objectives are, who the target market is and where you need to be in the near future.

Free project specification

We help you to build a design brief. This allows you and us to get a better idea of your requirements from a design and functionality perspective. We know this can be daunting for some, and we don’t expect you to know all the answers.

Designed to achieve your goals

We will discuss with you the parameters of your site, free of charge, with no obligation. Request a copy of our design brief document to give you an idea of the questions we will ask. We can even talk you through it, free of charge.

Our designer will use all the information provided to create the initial concept and will work closely with you to achieve the perfect design.

Lean code, super quick sites

We never use site builders, all of our sites are custom built to give you full control of all your content, within easy to edit blocks where the hard work has been done for you. You can modify these blocks, and even their appearance if you want, but will not be overwhelmed with hundreds of options or a code-like interface, which slows down your site, and causes problems when updates come around.

Request a content management system (CMS) walk through, so we can show you our CMS in action to give you a better idea of how easy it is to manage.

All of our websites are built for speed which is an essential element of SEO and helps websites to rank with Google. Templated websites include many options and features which need to be configured and are all loaded onto the site regardless of whether they are used or not. We build our websites to the specification agreed and optimise them to be as quick as they can be.

Unlimited access to the whole team

Many smaller website builders are either one-man bands with limited resources and skills, or outsource some of the work. We are a team of skilled specialists who work together on every project, bringing our expertise to the table.

Each of us has dedicated roles; graphic designer, web developer, marketeers, SEO specialist and photographer/videographer. We are available to discuss any query at any time.

You have access to a complete marketing team with years of experience.

No expensive support packages

Our ongoing support is something that you don’t get from cheaper companies. Be reassured that we’ve got your back.

If the site breaks at any time in the future, we will help fix it. If it turns out to be something we could have done better during the build or subsequent work, we will not charge you.

Free automatic updates and premium plugins

Our websites are built so the plugins and software around them can update seamlessly. We are so confident in the quality of our code, and so concerned with your site security that all our WordPress sites update automatically every night. No more paying a developer to upgrade your plugins!

You get free use of many premium plugins we have already fully licensed on your behalf. £££’s of high-quality useful plugins can be added to your project if required without you having to pay a penny. Any plugins that you might need are identified at the quotation stage, so you have no surprises.

Support as you grow

Our goal is to help you grow, we want to be there every step of the way. Our optional additional services range from helping with your blog posts, to block buying developer hours to progressively enhance your site.

Top tier included hosting

Our cloud hosting uses Litespeed technologies which last year maintained 100% uptime. It is PCI compliant and backed up every hour. All this is included within your quotation for the first year, free of charge.

Email included

All of our websites are eligible for 3 free POP email accounts if required.

Why we don’t use templates

  • To keep costs down long term (templates are licensed annually, your theme is a one-off project)
  • To keep sites fast (templates come with many features and options you do not end up using, but makes the site slow)
  • To make it easy for you to edit your content (we create an easy to use visual interface to let you safely edit all content on your site, without using difficult editors)
  • Your site will be visually unique
  • Your site can grow with you and is not bound by the template’s limitations
  • Your site is exactly what you need it to be, no compromise.
  • Seamless upgrades (templates often have lots of code that causes errors with plugins when they are updated. Our themes work so well we upgrade our plugins automatically every night.)