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Make your website stand out from the crowd

It has become more and more of a necessity nowadays for businesses to have a website (their quality varies albeit). Whether it’s a mass market retailer or niche market enterprise, all could possibly fall victim to having a poorly made website but you could make that possibility null and void.

stand out from the crowd

Be a sensation in Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is vital for your website’s success. It is essential for the presentation of your website, which can be the deciding factor of whether a search engine will push traffic towards it.

Beyond just the appearance of your webpage, SEO helps complete meta descriptions, allows for alt text on images which helps Google understand them better, and permits key phrases to be associated with your site alongside a plethora of similar things.

Be content with your content

Your incredible SEO skills have driven more to traffic your website. Nicely done. However, the content on your page needs to be up to par. Filling your webpage to the brim with keywords and phrases or having a “quantity over quality” when writing your content is not the way to go. 

Following some tips & guidelines could make the difference between you having a site that people will want to stay on or revisit and a site that people will leave without taking any action:

  • Try not to waffle. It’s really annoying to read through 3 paragraphs for the information you could have gotten in 3 sentences. (plus pancakes are better anyway).
  • Reserve long-form copy for products or services with specifications that cater to different needs and wants where the user can pick and choose what to read (for example, a laptop with 8GB of RAM, Intel i7 processor and Windows 10).
  • Make your calls to action (CTAs), like a “Contact Us” button, easily findable and accessible and not lost in the mix of your website.
  • Keep sentences short. And simple.

Stay up to date & update

While this may not apply to every aspect of your website, a regular update to a statistic, image or blog could help put you in a search engine’s good books because content that is updated often is desirable by Google and similar search engines.

Content Management Systems (CMS) have helped to streamline this process. They allow you to modify your content without much need for the technical knowledge required to manage a website & without giving you a headache.

Make your website picture-perfect using images & videos

A simple PNG or GIF can do a lot to add further to a visitor’s interest in your website and what you’re trying to sell them. For example, a video here or there may help make your website look like it has a bit more life & personality and not just a massive cluster of words.

As mentioned earlier on, images can be paired with alternative (alt) text. Alt text’s purpose is essentially to describe what an image is in relation to your website. This allows it to be read aloud to users using screen reader software, a useful tool for any visually impaired people visiting your website. This alt text also shows up if the image it is associated with fails to load.

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Sharing is caring

Now fully cemented in the digital age, a “share” button at the bottom, top or anywhere in between of your website may help sufficiently with garnering traffic to your website.

Advertising by word of mouth (or Instagram story rather) has never been easier than it is presently and if potential customers can share your content, your now fantastically put-together website could be in line to receive a high volume of visitors.

If you need help with one or more of the things mentioned above, contact us with your queries. With our combined years of experience, we are ready and willing to help.

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