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Google Panda Slap is good for SEO Professionals

“Google Panda Slap a good thing for people working in search engine marketing, never” I hear you say in reply.

I would agree optimising web sites has got much harder with the new changes that Google have brought in but the ethos of Google Panda slap is a good one, and if SEO professionals want to help build the foundations for well established websites into the future, they must abide by the new rulings.

So what does Google want from a website now?

Google Panda Slap is the latest set of rulings set out by Google that are turned into ‘algorithms’ that are basically a set of computer program instructions that a search engine spider looks at to determine where your site should be ranked in the search engine listings. The latest sets of rulings ‘Google Panda Slap’ are extremely strict on over using Keywords in text, linking sites on irrelevant websites to purely get links into the site higher, irrelevant text within a website that is purely written for search engine marketing, all tricks from the past SEO professionals have used to great advantage when optimising web sites.

So what does Google want from a website now?

What Google is looking for is relevant informative websites that help the visitor get the information or products they need. Google wants it’s millions of customers who use the Google search engine to have a successful experience instead of being bombarded with irrelevant sites that are trying to divert attention and in many cases spam the visitors. Googles new standards should be what all SEO and web design professionals are looking for, and they are certainly taken on board at Holler Marketing where we aim to build useful informative well-designed and fully optimised web sites that meet the latest web standards and SEO practises.

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