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As well as being the Creative Director here at Holler Marketing I am also the companies photographer, however, it still came as somewhat of a surprise when I received a call from Google asking if I would be interested in working with them! To say that I was skeptical during that initial phone call is probably something of an understatement and when the caller (an Englishman) told me that he was calling from Bulgaria I seriously considered hanging up there and then, of course had I done that I wouldn’t now be working with Google on their Business Photos program and I certainly wouldn’t be writing this blog.

If your not already familiar with Google Business Photos, think Google Street View for your business, in fact the panoramic images are actually connected to Street View so that potential customers can virtually walk in to your business and take a look around, it’s great for restaurants, gym’s, shops, hotels in fact any type of business that would have customers visiting in the real world. Any business with a Google + Local page (formally Google places pages) is eligible to have their business photographed and these pages are of course free to setup if you don’t have one already. The cost of having the photography done are low but the benefits are high, the panoramic images can be found through A normal Google search, plus they can be found on Google maps, Google + and can be embedded on your website.

If your looking to attract more customers to your business, pound for pound this is one of the best value methods available.

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