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Keywords Still King in SEO Land

The SEO market is flooded with ‘Get To The Top of Google Quickly’ software programs, Guru tricks and Gizmo’s, but the key to SEO success is still in the good old Keywords.

No, we’re not talking about “stuffing the meta section – that’s old hat and to a certain extent pretty redundant these days, especially where Google is concerned. When a potential customer uses a search engine the unavoidable action they have to take is to submit a Keyword, knowing the likely keyword(s) of a target audience is where every SEO campaign should start, this is often 
not the case.

“For a new web site build at Holler Marketing, good keyword research is where we start even before a domain name is purchased.”

Knowing and understanding your customers online is essential and sadly often overlooked. Thousands of pounds in time and cash investment are often wasted chasing the wrong keywords, often keywords that are highly competitive and unobtainable in a reasonable time frame.

Businesses make the mistake of thinking they know what keywords their potential online customer puts into a search box for their service or product, many of our clients get a shock when we tell them what their clients type in to find their products or services, so employing sound keyword research prior to an online marketing campaign is essential and cost effective.

At Holler Marketing we use up to date data from real search queries based on a market sector, to enable us to understand your customer behaviour online. If you want to embark on an online SEO or general marketing campaign please talk to us first, we can set your campaign off in the right direction.

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