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Link Marketing Using Video

Last month was another record-breaking month for online video, now take a deep breath here it is;

“About 188 million people watched 38 billion Web videos in August”

At Holler Marketing we push our clients to think about and invest in Video Marketing, which is a great idea in itself but when Link marketing is added to the mix, a powerful SEO tool is born, which can be optimized to channel relevant traffic to your products.

Lets say you own a brand new bike shop in Beverley East Yorkshire and you have just launched a website that has an online shop. The first analysis the SEO team at Holler Marketing would do is research relevant keywords for the bike products the customer is selling, for this example it’s going to be Hybrid bikes for commuting to work. Next we need relevant video content, for this example we are going to shoot a low budget movie showing the different types of mud guards available to the commuter on bike and how he or she might fit them, a useful video people will watch on the vast choice of video channels online including YouTube. What good is that going to do I hear you ask, here are the benefits?

1. The bike shop is offering useful relevant information to the target audience endearing them to the business and making them much more likely to buy
2. Google loves useful relevant information so ranks videos and websites higher with this sort of content
3. The video will mix in selling points about the bike shop and why people should visit the website
4. The text around the video will have the chosen target keywords mixed in so that the search engines pick up the keywords and link them with the bike shop website
5. Other helpful videos could follow, for instance how best to set up your gears on a hybrid bike, or a video about what hybrid bikes are available
6. Video marketing taps in to an enormous audience that is growing daily
7. Video marketing is now obtainable and cost effective

Video marketing isn’t a trendy add on anymore, it’s become an essential tool for web development and SEO, join the revolution, contact the Holler Marketing team and lets find out how video marketing can help your business.

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