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Review before you upload your videos…

So you’ve just got your corporate video done and want others to see it? Before rushing onto Youtube here are some things to consider…


Message and Audience
Make sure that the purpose of your video is clear and that you are happy with the video’s message and that the video will be suitable for your target audience!

Just because its a corporate video doesn’t mean it has to be dull and boring. Is it interesting to watch? Would you watch this if you were the audience. If not, possibly rethink filming.

Tone and Company Branding
This is very important! The tone will be influenced within your company’s message throughout the video. As for Branding its best if this is added so that you can mark the video as your own.

Sound, Lighting and Visuals
You shouldn’t really have to worry about this as the company who did it would have sorted this all out for you. But it’s best to always double check the whole video just incase something isn’t quite right!

Other than this both Vimeo and Youtube are equally successful for you to post your video onto. And Good Luck!

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