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“Starting the year with a bang!”

Since the start of the New Year we have taken on several new clients offering a handful of projects. However this has then caused us to neglect our personal blog (hey we don’t want to neglect our clients); so in this post we have decided to provide an update since the start of this year.

The ending of 2012 was a very busy time in the office for everyone, website design and development was the main priority to complete ready for the New Year. This then lead to January becoming a website construction and content focused month, as we had several deadlines to meet. Website designs from last year were set as our main priority to go live this year, these are as such: Thorpepark Primary School, Flix GolfAnglia Cargo and Garasheds. Nevertheless we have completed more website designs for clients since the start of the year and are hoping these to go live soon also, so keep an eye out for these.

Other than website design and development, we have also had to work on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media promotion as more websites are due to go live.

We’re also keeping busy with a handful of corporate videos so it’s certainly adding variety to our working life – we’d have it no other way !

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