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2013 is the Year for Mobile

When mobile web design wasn't so important: From sxc.huWhen phones were as pictured, mobile web design didn’t matter because it didn’t exist. A few years ago, mobile web design was an added option when it came to developing your website. Now, its a must. 2012 was all about social, about sharing. 2013 is going to be about mobile. What do we mean?

Simply put, if a website does not format in a mobile friendly way, mobile users are going to move onto a site that makes it easier for them to read the content they want. This is good news for the web industry, it means progression, it means adaptation. However it will mean bad news for millions of website owners, because if their site is not mobile ready, they could lose visitors.

We could throw a load of user percentage stats at you now, we could mention a lot of big numbers. But this article is not about that, it is about what you can do. You are probably in one of two categories. You currently own a website or you are looking to get one developed. Holler Marketing Ltd can help you in both situations.

There are two schools of thought, and as a company we can see the benefits to both, but more importantly we actively employ both techniques.

Responsive Web Design

This involves taking your current website as it is (or with tweaks), and ensuring that rather than it being built with a rigid frame, the website resizes with the container. So on a desktop PC & tablet landscape, it will likely be full size, on an tablet portrait it will be smaller; and on a mobile it will be smaller still. This means your content stays they same, but it is easier for the user to read. Job done!

Dedicated Mobile Website

Some websites need a dedicated site, you will notice this is the case when you are redirected to m.website.co.uk or something similar. We often use dedicated mobile websites when the original site houses a lot of content that is just not relevant for the mobile user, which might be images or blocks of text. In this case, its often best to come up with a specialised design and redirect mobile users to it.

Whatever route you decide take, it’s best to take the necessary action soon. Contact us for a no obligation meeting to discuss your users, requirements and the best approach to use.

NB: If you had your website developed by Holler Marketing Ltd originally, you are probably in a very strong position as we build all our full size sites in a way that allows them to be converted to mobile dimensions very efficiently, even if at the time you didn’t ask for it!

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