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What is an Elevator Pitch? – Holler Marketing discuss …

So what IS an elevator pitch?

Have you ever found yourself in front of someone potentially important to your business, with only a few seconds to get them interested in what you do?

Wouldn’t it be great if you already knew what to say in those few seconds, so that they would be left wanting to know more?

The expression ‘elevator pitch’ comes from an imaginary scenario where you find yourself in an elevator with someone important, and you only have the time of the elevator ride to get their attention (in a good way!).

At some point most of us will find ourselves being asked “So what does your product / business do?” whether it be at a formal business networking event or chatting with someone at a friend’s barbecue. Opportunities to engage with valuable business contacts can come up in lots of different circumstances!

Guy Powell, respected author of Return on Marketing Investment: Demand More from your Marketing and Sales Investments, suggests that writing a good elevator pitch should start with the five W’s:

  1. What does your company do? (For example, begin your answer with “We provide.”)
  2. Whom does your company do it for? (For example, begin your answer with “For small and midsized healthcare providers.”)
  3. Why do they care? Or, What’s in it for them? (For example, include in your answer “so that they can,” “who can no longer afford,” or “who are tired of.”)
  4. Why is your company different? (For example, begin your answer with “As opposed to” or “Unlike.”)
  5. What is your company? (For example, begin your answer with “My Company is an Insurance Company.”)

The most challenging thing about writing an elevator pitch is keeping it short – the recommended length is no more than about 35 words. The trick is to keep re-drafting it, and practice it on colleagues, friends, and family members until you’re comfortable with it. Remember to tailor it slightly depending upon who you are talking to – leave out industry jargon if you’re speaking to someone who isn’t likely to be familiar with it.

Here at Holler Marketing we love all things marketing – helping you write a great elevator pitch is only one of many things we could be doing for your business. Call us today on 01964 542916 or visit our website at www.yorkshiremedia.co.uk.

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