Most businesses these days recognise that they need a website – although in our experience some are still not sure exactly what they want it to do for them! – but what do you do if you suspect your website isn’t doing the business?

There are a number of reasons why a website may not be attracting new customers. Above all else though, your prospective customers have to be able to find your website – and if Google doesn’t rate your website, the chances are you’ll be at the bottom of the list when your prospective customers are searching on the internet for products or services like yours.

Achieving good Google rankings has long been seen as a black art, but actually the most important thing to focus on nowadays is providing your website visitors with lots of useful, eye-catching, and up-to-date information – think photos, videos, blogs, and informative text, and make sure you keep adding new things. These are the things that Google looks for now. There are of course some technical elements that need attending to, for example to ensure that Google can identify and categorise your website. If you’re still not sure where to start in working out how to keep your existing website moving with the times, or if you need a new website but don’t know where to begin, give us a call – it’s what we do every day!



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