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The best thing you could do for your business in 2015

These days the single best value-for-money investment you can make to get more sales is to crank up the power of your website. It’s your shop window, your advertising billboard, your company brochure, your order-taker, and the face of your customer services team.

So what are the top 5 things that you can do to get your website singing and dancing?

1. Search Engine Optimisation – having a great website isn’t going to do you any good if no one can find it… luckily we’re experts in understanding what it takes to get Google to notice your website and give it a high ranking

2. Great photography – not only does Google love ‘rich’ content like photos (and will give you a higher ranking if you have them on your website), but really good photography can say so much about your products & services, your staff, the work you’ve done, and basically why they should buy from you! We have professional but cost-effective photography services in-house at Holler Marketing

3. A punchy video – another thing that Google loves, but we aren’t talking ‘Gone with the Wind’ here – people have a short attention span when it comes to website videos… our in-house photography team are also experts in commercial videos for websites, plus training & instructional videos and general promo videos

4. Email newsletters – but what can an email newsletter do for your website? Think of it as a bus bringing visitors to your website; the trick is to inspire people to get on that bus! Email campaigns are something we do a lot of at Holler Marketing

5. Social Media – another brilliant way to drive visitors to your website, but many people still struggle with all aspects of social media for business, such as which platform to choose, what to write to get attention (for the right reasons!), and how to find the time. Fortunately Holler Marketing are Social Media gurus

So what are you waiting for – you want those extra sales, don’t you? Call Holler Marketing today on 01964 542916 to really get things moving!

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