Everyone seems to be blogging, whether it’s about their travels, beauty secrets, food or animals. You can find blogs on any subject, some are really well written and informative, and some aren’t!
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Here are some tips if you fancy creating your own blog –
The Title. Make it catchy and self-explanatory. Around 6 words is the ideal length and should be long enough to get your message across.
Content. Keep it current and informative. Share tips and useful information, make it light-hearted and fun to read. The idea is to engage your reader so don’t preach to them. Imagine it’s just you and a friend having an informal chat.
Format. The layout is important; no-one wants to plough through loads of text without a break. Include sub-headings and bullet points, and keep your paragraphs short. Add quotes, charts and images to make your blog visually appealing.
Visuals. Use high resolution images that are engaging and relevant to the text. Studies show that blogs with images get 90% more views than those that are all text.
Call to action. Encourage your readers to interact with you by asking for feedback/input and comments. Ask them to sign up to your blog but gave them a compelling reason to do so.
Consistency. Keep blogging regularly to maintain your relationship with your readers. Make a plan and stick to it, aim for at least one blog a week. Make sure they are not repetitive, try and get a balance between personality, credibility and information.
SEO. Approach the SEO of your blog as you would a website, include keywords that you want to be found for (but keep it natural, no keyword stuffing), add meta information so search engines know what your blog is about, and make sure images and graphics are tagged correctly as search engines can’t tell what they are.
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So decide on your topic and get writing, the more you do the better you’ll get. Happy blogging

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