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Creating an NHS Trust strategy booklet

York Teaching Hospital NHS.

The Brief.

Project Graphic Design
Creative Team Sophie Janes
Our Tools Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

The Communications Manager at York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust approached Holler Marketing looking for graphic design services for the creation of a new booklet to communicate the Trust’s five-year strategy to its 9,000-strong workforce.

york Teaching Hospital NHS Booklet Desktop
York Teaching Hospital NHS Brochure Design

What we did.

The Trust have very well-defined branding guidelines, and so the first part of the process for us was to familiarise ourselves with their chosen font styles and colours. The text and diagrams for the booklet were provided by The Trust’s Communication Manager, and so the next phase of the project for us was to understand the structure of the text and how it might be broken down and presented in a way that is easy for the reader to digest.

By their very nature, strategy documents tend to be very text-heavy, and so it was important to make opportunities to use white space, colour, and lines to bring visual definition. The Trust had expressed their reluctance to use photographs within the booklet, and so Holler Marketing suggested using continuous line drawings to give a stylised representation of the people who work for and are served by the Trust.