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The importance of showing passion and enthusiasm in your marketing

Holler Marketing Team

Who is going to buy your products or services if you don’t shout about how great they are?

We don’t just mean big splashy infographics or headlines, we mean the people behind your business standing forward and showing their passion and enthusiasm for what you do.

When we talk to clients we are often bowled over by the animated way that they describe how great their products and services (and customers!) are, and yet so many people are reluctant to show that personal enthusiasm in their marketing. “Nobody will want to see my face on the website or in the company brochure!” they’ll say.

Well, actually, pretty much everyone wants to know who is behind a business that they’re considering buying from or working with.

They want to know that you and your team are genuine and that they can trust you, and if they’re considering becoming a long-term client of your business, they want to feel that they will get on with you.  

That’s not to say that you should only talk about yourselves – you can show enthusiasm and passion in the way that you talk about how your business has helped people, whether you sell clothes that make people feel great about themselves or financial services that save businesses money. 

You wouldn’t go to a networking event and hide behind a photo of your products, would you? (Although sometimes it’s tempting to, we do understand that!) You would aim to engage with people by smiling and being friendly, and – you guessed it – by being enthusiastic and passionate about what you do.

Your marketing tools are no different.

Your business is far more likely to inspire people to buy from you if they see a welcoming, smiling face (or faces) with information that lets them know who you are, what you stand for, and why you believe in your products and services.