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How to Win with UK Shoppers Online

Ecommerce is big business in the UK; even before the lockdown, we were heading for online sales of almost £175bn. Our busy lifestyles and longer working hours mean that more of us are making our purchases online. We are a nation of instant gratification and convenience, so if we can do something the easy way, we will.

Get the basics right

When it comes to an eCommerce website, getting it right is quite straightforward. According to a report by Magento, they found that top of the list for UK shoppers is an easy to use website that is easy to navigate and find what they’re looking for. Clear menus and well laid out products are essential for customer retention and to avoid frustration.

Your website MUST be mobile-friendly, there’s nothing more annoying than a website that hasn’t been set up to be used on a mobile phone. Over half of people asked said they would go elsewhere if they couldn’t view a website properly on their phone.

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Make sure your site loads quickly, anything over a few seconds will drive visitors to your competition.

Product availability and accurate stock levels were found to be big factors in keeping your customers happy, so make sure your ordering systems are up to date to avoid disappointing people.

The final factor in keeping your shoppers happy is payment methods. Just over half of consumers said being able to pay by card, either debit or credit, was imperative. Paypal is another payment option that we Brits love, as it offers security. We are, on the whole, less concerned with e-wallets or cryptocurrency, preferring traditional payment methods.

Delivery Options

Free delivery is the major factor for UK shoppers, with 2 in 3 saying this is the deciding factor when choosing a retailer.

Price is obviously a big consideration, though people will pay a little more for a better, faster service. Generally speaking, we love a bargain and will shop around for the best prices if we have the time.

Free returns are also something that people rank highly, especially with clothing retailers, as it’s more likely that a product won’t fit or suit, so will need to be sent back.


Shoppers in the UK care more about the environment than other countries so having ‘green’ credentials helps to attract customers.

  • 32% would use a retailer that shuns the use of single-use plastic
  • 29% of shoppers would choose a retailer with a lower carbon footprint than its competitors
  • 47% of consumers would opt for a retailer than offers minimal packaging

These figures highlight how important the planet is for many of us, and how it affects our shopping habits, so bear them in mind when you set up or review your business.

Keep them coming back

The easier the shopping experience, the more likely it is that people will come back to your store, so make the process as painless as possible.

Loyaly schemes work with some customers but the rewards need to be achievable and easy to access. Don’t offer something that involves lots of purchases to get 5% off, make the reward appealing to your demographic.

Make your data protection policy obvious, especially if your customers are more mature, as they tend to worry more about data breaches, and are generally more cautious about online transactions.

Don’t bombard customers with unnecessary information, that will send them to the unsubscribe button and prevent them from receiving genuine offers. Make sure any emails have relevant offers such as discounts, sales, new products and special offers.

Customer service is a big consideration for a lot of online shoppers, they like to be able to speak to a real person either through a chat box or on the phone, so make sure the process is accessible and useful.

In Conclusion..

If you want to have a successful eCommerce store make sure the user experience is as easy as possible, from beginning to end. Customer satisfaction is the key to getting sales and keeping shoppers coming back time and time again. A happy customer is more likely to recommend you to others, an unhappy shopper will also tell everyone how bad their experience was. So make sure you follow our guidelines to have a successful online store.