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What is a PWA?

Progressive web apps (PWA) are applications that are created using the same technology websites use.

PWAs are often built with a specific function in mind, like an app downloaded from an app store.

We generally advise a PWA over an app for the following reasons:

  • Budget: Apps need to be made for Apple and Android devices, which increases the work required.
  • Avoid App stores
    • App stores can place lots of requirements on an app, and can remove the app at any time.
    • App stores will take a portion of all sales.
  • Lower hardware requirements: PWAs run in the browser, when designed well they are light weight and don’t require much from the device.

An app might be a better choice over a PWA when:

  • The app needs to be able to run offline for long periods of time.
  • Need to use certain hardware APIs, like notifications, GPS etc.