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How do you know if your website needs an SSL certificate?

Google and Mozilla have introduced a new feature on their browsers (Chrome & Firefox), which highlight website pages with forms that capture potentially sensitive information as ‘Not Secure’ if the website doesn’t have an SSL certificate. But how do you know if this will apply to your website?

If your website has a password field, or a credit card input field, Google will check whether your website has an SSL certificate – if it doesn’t, Google will display the ‘Not Secure’ warning to your website visitors.

Google and Mozilla’s intention is to actively discourage websites that send sensitive data using unsecured methods. SSL certificates ‘encrypt’ (i.e. scramble) the data to keep it secure when it is being passed from the browser to the server; unencrypted data is at risk of being intercepted by attackers.

Websites that don’t use data encryption are already being ranked lower than those that do – a deliberate move by Google to steer internet users towards secure websites.

Installing an SSL certificate will not only remove the ‘Not Secure’ notice, but also display a green padlock to reassure website visitors, this has a positive impact on user interaction.

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