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A week of work experience at Holler Marketing

At the end of my week of work experience

I have really enjoyed my week of work experience at Holler Marketing. I have enjoyed the freedom of work and being able to make decisions for myself. It sounds silly, but I have also liked being able to choose what I want to wear each day and having more freedom.

What I was able to do

They gave me a choice of what I wanted to learn and what I wanted to spend time doing at the beginning of the week and I have spend the week doing what I want to do; for example I have learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. At the beginning of the week I had no idea how to use either of them but after my week I have gained some knowledge of how to use them and which one I should use depending on what I want to do. Another thing that I have learnt is how to use a digital drawing tablet, I really enjoyed using it and it encouraged me to release my inner artist! I didn’t know what SEO was either and now I do, I know what it is and how it works and most importantly why SEO is so important when creating a website. Holler Marketing have introduced me to lots of new things and they have taught me lots of new skills.

What I was expecting

 I  had a better week than I ever expected. I didn’t know what I would be able to do and what technology I would have access to. The staff were so welcoming and very kind, they were way nicer than I expected. I also expected the work environment to be quite strict, when really it was calm, easy and a happy atmosphere all the time! I found it a very chilled and nice place to work.

I would highly recommend them because I can see from spending a full working week in their office that they are very organised. The work they do is done to a very high standard. They are all very nice and brilliant at what they do.

Before I went

Before I began work experience I had very little knowledge of what marketing is. However after my week there, I understand what it is and how they do it. Similarly I had no knowledge about SEO, but now I know because I was shown how it works and when it is used. I have also picked up on how the staff address customers both on the phone and in person, this will help me out in the future.

The environment

There is a good working environment at Holler Marketing because the office is a calm and chilled, and it is nicely spaced and in a quiet location. There are plenty of facilities and there is always access to a drink which is good. The office is clean and tidy which all contributes to a good working environment. Everyone there is so welcoming and friendly. They are really easy to talk to and lovely to work with. 🙂


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