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My week at Holler Marketing

This week I did my work experience with Holler Marketing. I instantly felt very welcomed by the team who are really friendly and easy to get along with. This was very reassuring as it can be a bit unnerving when you don’t know anyone.

Throughout the week I have learnt new skills and learnt more about Holler Marketing and the jobs they do by watching and being able to try different jobs such as updating social media accounts and websites. While working on websites I have learnt more about WordPress and how it works, which I didn’t know before I came here. I have learnt that the layout and design of a website is very important  to keep customers interested, and photography plays a huge part in this. While working with Mark I have learnt more about Photoshop, which I use at college as part of my courses, and also Lightroom which I didn’t know how to use. I have picked up  a few skills from this with I can use for my college work. Finally I have also learnt what it is like to work in a media company. By  working in these different areas I feel it gave me a better understanding of the industry, however I still feel like I have a lot to learn and experience within different areas.

The week has been much better than I expected because I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came. I found the week really enjoyable because I was able to work in different areas in the company and allowed me to experience what each job is like. I really enjoyed watching  how websites are designed and edited and see the amount of effort that is put in to them. During the week I did a photoshoot with Mark, I would have liked to learn more about about the lighting and set ups of photoshoots however I still learnt a lot within my week here. I really enjoyed working as part of a team and being able to think of ideas myself for clients social media updates and websites and being able to attempt this myself instead of just watching, as it allowed me to learn more.

I would really recommend Holler Marketing and would encourage people to use their service because they are a very welcoming team who are friendly and warm hearted people. They put in a lot of effort in to the work and their outcomes are very impressive and they try to make sure everything is perfect for their clients. There is always a good atmosphere within the office and are easy to talk to while getting on with work.

Finally I would like to thank the Holler Marketing team for letting me work here for a week and making me feel very welcome here. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know you all. X



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