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My week at Holler Marketing

This week I have learnt many new skills and developed new ideas about what it’s like to work as part of a media company. I have learnt photography skills from Mark that mainly involved lighting and editing photos which I have found very helpful as these skills will help me in my college work. I also learnt how to use apps such as Photoshop effectively with help from Mark and Sophie. Lynn and I spent some time together looking at different websites and how WordPress is used in the developing of different areas of websites, we also looked at how social media is influential to audiences for a business and looked at ways of making changes to their own social media to improve it. I have also learnt to adapt to longer working days and a lot about how businesses work.

I have enjoyed getting involved with the team and learning about the different roles involved. I enjoyed having to come up with ideas for the company and learning different skills however I would have liked to have learned more about how to use Photoshop and WordPress.

My week has been better than I first expected as before I started I was quite anxious about coming in however due to the kind spirited and warm atmosphere the team created and so I found the week very enjoyable.

If someone asked me about Holler Marketing I would say that they are fun and warm hearted people that create the sense that you are a part of the team when working with them and I would definitely recommend their services and encourage more people to visit them.

I feel as though I have gained a better insight and understanding of the industry although I do feel as though I have plenty more to learn.

I absolutely found the working environment good! The people I worked with are all lovely, humorous, intelligent people who are able to create wonderful things, especially the feeling as though you are part of the team. They are great to chat to all while getting their busy jobs done.

I would like to thank the Holler Marketing team for a great week and I really enjoyed getting to know all of you! X

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