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Promoting a new website through paid advertising


Medal Studio



Creative Team

Lynn Titcombe

Our Tools

AdWords, WordPress

The Brief.

Medal Studio was a new venture for a golf company we work with; they wanted to promote their products and get some sales in quickly so approached us to run an AdWords campaign for them.

What we did.

We started by discussing the products, what their USP’s were and who they were aiming to sell to. When we had this information we were able to start laying out the AdWords campaign.

We carried out competitor research to find out what other medals were available, how they compared to what Medal Studio had to offer, and whether they used PPC advertising.

We compiled a list of keywords that might be used when searching online for bespoke medals, as well as using wording from the website to make everything tie-in, as per Google’s AdWords guidelines. In some cases, we had to rewrite meta titles and descriptions slightly to make them more relevant to the ads.

When we had all the necessary information we started setting up the campaign, with different ad groups for the different medals. Using the keywords and our understanding of the target market we created our ads, added keywords and set the budget.

As well as the normal ads we also run a shopping campaign which works well as the medals are visually appealing, and this helps them stand out from the other medals available.

A weekly maintenance plan is in place when we analyse the success of the ads, set negative keywords and make adjustments to budgets and targeting.

Medal Studio Adwords